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You‘d probably at the time, think i am crazy. No, i am not crazy. My name is Dimitris Skiadas and i run my own online business for the past 2 years. I am a successful Internet Marketer and i make my living exclusively from practicing Internet Marketing strategies. How all this stuff can help you? Simply, by listening to what i have to say. No, i am not smarter than you or have a degree in Internet Marketing. 2 years ago, i was using the Internet only to check my emails or hang out in Facebook. I discovered a “new world” that honestly changed the way i was living so far. I discovered that i could make money online doing something i like. Computers! I have a degree in Accountancy. And i used to work as an assistant accountant for a small company. I always thought though that being an accountant had no creativity involved. I had a passion about computers and Internet. But i never thought i could make money from it.

Wanna know what helped me out through this? I accidentally ran into an online community where you can learn everything about making money online. This community was Wealthy Affiliate, owned by 2 successful Internet Marketers, Kyle & Carson. There, i have learned everything i know today. I got the guidance and the knowledge to reach out the desired level in my Internet Marketing endeavors. I still am a member till today and honestly these are the best money i ve ever spent for IM. And believe me, i have spent a LOT! I was buying every e-book, program, course, method that was out there to help me make some money online. And honestly i didn’t make a dime! You should be aware that there are a lot of scammers out there promising the world and delivering ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! Anyway.

Fast forward to today… I work from my own home, 4-5 hours per day, i make triple the money i was earning as an assistant accountant and i can do WHAT ever i like WHEN ever i like! No, i am not rich or something.. But i found a way to make money online. And so CAN YOU! You don’t have to pass what i ve been through! I failed a lot of times before i finally found the path to success. I ve created Awesome Internet Marketing Tips for everyone who feels that he/she can do better than he/she does today. For everyone who believes that there is something more than working all day for a lousy salary. For everyone who believes than can be finally financially and emotionally FREE! independent to do whatever he likes! Every single day, i will be giving you the best Internet Marketing tips you could follow to succeed. I will be proposing products that will make your life easier. I will show how you can make money online. I will show you how you can follow your dream. I have the way and i am willing to show it to you

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