Biggest Internet Marketing Secret

As a person who generates a full time income from internet marketing, I’m often asked for the Biggest Internet Marketing Secret. What single tip do internet marketing gurus have that you don’t have? Is there really a single biggest internet marketing secret? Is there a product to buy? A plug in to use, or a website to build? Sure there are lots of tips, tricks, and techniques involved in internet marketing, and in some ways it can become quite complicated.

Biggest Internet Marketing Secret

Internet marketing can become quite complicated, but generally it comes down to a few simple things. Having a product to promote, promoting it, and then getting people to actually see your promotion and buy it. It sounds simple, but each step can be fairly complex, and once people start going down this path, they can absolutely drown in the details and the execution. There are so many tools and products thrown your way every day, that it even can become overwhelming, if you let it. If you sign up for an internet marketing expert’s list, you’ll probably get a number of emails each week offering you the latest tool, gadget, or make money online scheme. Some even propose what I call “One Click Wonders”, products that if you buy them will go off and make money for you automatically. Ya, right!! So now that I’ve been working in internet marketing for more than a year, what have I discovered to be the single biggest Internet Marketing Secret of all time? If you are just starting out, or are struggling in internet marketing, what nugget can I share with you that will get you off on the right foot to start making an income through internet marketing?

Biggest Internet Marketing Secret is.


The biggest internet marketing secret, is being focused on what you are doing. It is the single most important tip I can give you. And once you have focused upon a goal, taking the appropriate action to attain it, naturally is critical. Lack of focus, and believe me, it’s really prevalent in internet marketing, can absolutely sabotage your efforts.

Now, what do I mean by Focus?

I mean planning a project, and executing your action plan, without getting side-tracked along the way. There’s no point have 20 projects on the go, all 10% complete. Each one of them will not earn you a dime until they are 100% finished. There’s no point in going out to grab the latest plugin, product, course or training program.. and repeating this every few days. None of them is the biggest interent marketing secret. They may have their place, but only if they fit into your overall plan, and either save you time, or money.

I know, because I’ve been as guilty of all of this as the next guy.

It’s easy to justify spending money on the latest tool, right? The sales pages and videos make it look like you’ll soon be dancing in the street with tons of cash. But really, unless you are finishing your projects to completion, and truly getting things done, another course, plugin, or tool will do nothing but distract you in your efforts. One guy who really is an expert at this is my friend and online mentor, Shane Melaugh. Shane Melaugh, who I think is one of the smartest, most ethical, and most effective internet marketers on the planet has recent created a very inexpensive training course all about focus.

See Shane’s focus and action course.

It’s an amazing eye opener. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and am now putting all of Shane’s training into effect in my online business. There are a number of other courses about internet marketing I’d recommend as well, but before you do any, I highly recommend Shane’s focus and action course, because getting focused is the single biggest internet marketing secret. It’s the most important thing you can do as you start building your internet marketing empire. If there is one single course you should take to put you on the right track in internet marketing, whether you are a relative newbie, or an experienced veteran, this is it. You can see more about Shane’s course here at the biggest internet marketing secret. What do you think? Is focus your challenge? Are you taking on too many tasks, or aimlessly grasping at the next plugin or tool? Let me know what you think! If you have other thoughts about the biggest internet marketing secret, I’d love to hear from you.

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