Business Of Internet Marketing

Today I want to take a few moments to talk about the Business of Internet Marketing. And before we go on, I want to emphasize, that’s what it is. A business. In fact it’s a darned big business. Every day hundreds of thousands of people around the world, go to work, either right at home or at an office, and engage in the business of internet marketing. Some are wildly successful at the internet marketing business. In fact, some are staggeringly successful. I’m telling you about people who have cracked the biggest secret in internet marketing, and are earning in some cases many million dollars a year.

The Business of Internet Marketing

Each day as well, hundreds of thousands of people try internet marketing and fail at an alarming rate. The common perception is the failure rate is in the 97-98% range. Yep, the business of internet marketing is tough. And I know that’s probably not what you wanted to hear, but that’s the cold and brutal truth. And that’s the way I call it. I’m not the kind of dude to sugar coat this stuff. That doesn’t mean you can’t do it and be wildly successful.. you just have to learn what to do and don’t become a victim of the busniness of internet marketing.

So, naturally you’re probably wondering what separates the winners the internet marketing roadkill?

Well, naturally to a complex question the answer has a lot of variables as well. Clearly a person’s drive, and ambition is a factor. After all, you are working for yourself. If you can’t handle that, and are the type of person to do nothing when the boss isn’t around, you’re probably going to be in trouble in internet marketing. And in this case, the boss is you. So you clearly have to be one to put in time, effort and energy into the process.

The Business of Internet Marketing

Do you have to be a genius. Absolutely not. No way! There are internet marketing millionaires who were barely able to finish high school. In fact I know one that didn’t. (Not  me. That’s what you were thinking, right? So intelligence isn’t a factor.

I feel some of the most important factors in being a success in the business of internet marketing are:

  • Treating it like a business
  • Having Incredible Focus on what you want to achieve
  • Creating a Solid Plan on How You Are Going to Achieve It
  • If Possible, Getting a Quality Mentor to Help you Through the Process and Steer You from the Pitfalls
  • Taking Massive Action on Your Plan

If you really think about this, the above 5 Factors for Success in Internet Marketing could also be 5 Factors for Success in just about anything!

The Business of Internet Marketing is a serious business.

  • So Take it serious;   BTW, I don’t mean don’t have fun.. I have fun every day!
  • Get a Coach
  • Plan your Work
  • Work your Plan day after day

The business of internet marketing is chock full of offers to make you millions, and a lot of things.. you really have to get yourself to ignore these offers that will be coming your way. I know they don’t work, and deep down so do you. But everyday hundreds of thousands of people try to buy their way to success. Success that will never be theirs. They’ll end up being part of the 97% I mentioned, wondering where their money went and why they have no income. With some basic knowledge and your own best efforts, you can make it in the business of internet marketing.

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