Cool Lead Generation Hacks For Digital Agencies

You can’t just hire a sales team to run your digital agency and then sit back. An agency needs to be well-publicized as a marketing specialist. You must first prove that you can help your clients.

There are many agencies in the market, both big and small. Rough estimates show that there are approximately 120,000 agencies, including digital, PR and design studios. There are approximately half a million agencies worldwide, including digital and PR studios.

You are competing against both large global networks and small teams of 1-5 people as a digital agency. Your existing clients can be under constant pressure. They are not guaranteed to last.

Video Marketing

There is an overwhelming amount of content clutter. It’s harder to compete with the big names. Video marketing can help to make your brand stand out and show off your talent.

Videos communicate more in a shorter time. Video content has the greatest social reach in a world of dynamic social media algorithms.

Video content ignites emotions and motivates people to take action. Video content allows you to build relationships with your audience. Your audience can trust you.

Are you unsure how to create video content? You can create video content with free and inexpensive tools

  • Get your smartphone and start creating live-action videos
  • Cloud-based tools allow you to create animated explainer videos

Although it may sound impossible, video marketing is possible. It’s easy to make quality videos and move in the right direction quickly.

Website Tools

You have many opportunities to reach new prospects through your website. Potential customers can get eBooks, reports and templates for free.

Subscribe to our newsletter and you will be able to build an opt-in mailing list. Engaging your audience through interactive content such as polls, quizzes and interactive infographics is another great way to reach them.

It is quicker and more efficient to embed a third-party SEO auditing software so that you can start collecting leads immediately. Your website is the heart of your online marketing. To connect with potential customers, you must make the most out of your website.

Paid Campaigns

A paid campaign can be a great way to quickly get leads. Start with platforms like Google, Twitter and LinkedIn. These platforms are more suited to reaching a B2B audience. Paid ads can be placed on Reddit or Quora.

These are some ideas to make your ads more engaging:

  • YouTube should be used to promote educational and introductory videos.
  • You can create landing pages for your eBooks, and then promote them through paid campaigns on LinkedIn or Google.

Ad fraud is a serious problem these days. A lot of paid campaigns will only bring you ‘bot traffic.

A study by market research firm Juniper shows that online advertisers could lose $19 billion in ad fraud alone in 2018.


It is important to get recognition for your efforts. Awards can bring you fame and generate long-term leads. Some of the most popular digital marketing awards are AVA Digital Awards and Internationalist Awards For Innovative Digital SolutionsThe Webby Awards.

There are many others that can be used for certain types of agencies. A section can be created on your website that highlights the awards won by your agency.

Press mentions and guest posts

Agency businesses are dependent on consistent guest blogging. It is important to pitch trends and gain visibility through authorship in top marketing and business magazines.

It is important to make sure you are not spamming editors with spammy pitches. Each site has its own editorial guidelines and requirements. These guidelines must be reviewed before you send an email to an editor.

Media coverage and guest blogging are powerful tools for turning your agency into a well-known brand.


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