eCommerce Analytics Tools for Online Shopping Businesses

Each eCommerce brand has different needs, but the eCommerce metrics are nearly the same. Using eCommerce marketing analytics tools can help you take your brand to new heights. It would help if you looked into intelligent eCommerce analytics tools to help you achieve your business goals.

Without context, marketing metrics don’t make sense for businesses. This data can make your brand stand out in a fast-growing, evolving eCommerce marketplace. Marketing analytics tools allow you to identify your strengths and weaknesses and give insight into sales and marketing activities.

You can gain actionable insight by understanding trends and measuring key performance metrics in real-time. Marketing analytics software for eCommerce allows you to see which strategies are most effective for your brand. These components will help you take the right strategic steps to maximize your brand’s performance.

What are the best eCommerce analytics tools?

There has been an explosion in eCommerce’s use of marketing analytics tools over the years. This growth has led to brands wanting to take advantage of the increase in traffic and sales online. They don’t want to miss any opportunity so they closely monitor the eCommerce analytics tools.

Below are the top eCommerce software and key features:


Channable can take your eCommerce business to the next level. Channable Insights gives you real-time insights into your product’s performance on various channels. It automates product segmentation and optimizes marketing campaigns. You can order products by performance using the reporting dashboard. Import data, such as revenue, cost and other information, is also possible. Channable Insights can be accessed through many channels.

Segmentation has never been easier! Channable Insights automates product segmentation based upon product performance in Google Smart Shopping. Channable can also help improve the performance of your Shopping Ads.


An eCommerce business’s powerful monitoring and marketing reporting platform Whatagraph offers advanced solutions. This powerful marketing analytics tool can help you keep track of your sales, media spending, advertising budget, and performance.

Whatagraph’s eCommerce analytics software automatically analyzes marketing data from multiple channels. This allows you instant access to the insights. These insights allowed you to create detailed reports on your sales and marketing activities. You can create reports using the dashboard as a chart, table, image, or chart. Reports can be customized to suit the client’s logo and custom domain. Whatagraph also offers pre-made templates.


DashThis is an eCommerce platform that offers complete functionality. DashThis offers an eCommerce dashboard that allows you to monitor all your marketing data online to better understand your customers. You can view all of your KPIs, and get detailed information about eCommerce performance in one place.

The dashboard automatically gathers all of your eCommerce data, allowing you to see the volume and profitability of every channel or device that you use. The reporting solution allows you to spend your time improving your eCommerce strategy and not on daily tasks.

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