How do you start growth mapping with customer profiling?

While there are many ways to grow your company, Growth Mapping is the best.

This will allow businesses to classify and identify different customer types based on their preferences and needs to tailor their offerings accordingly. Your goal is to reach as many customers as possible with a message that resonates.

What is Growth Mapper?

Growth Mapper is a framework that helps businesses create a growth plan. It is broken down into nine sections that provide the tools needed to create businesses, profiles, positions, and profit plans. Zest Digital explains how to create a customer profile for your business and how it can increase revenue.

Why use a Customer Profiling tool?

Recognizing and categorizing customers is one of the best ways to grow your company.

This will allow businesses to categorize and identify their customers based on their preferences and needs to tailor their offerings to their specific customer needs. You aim to reach as many customers as possible with the right message.

Start Growth Mapping with Customer Profiling

You can create a customer profile by downloading the workbook. This tool allows you to identify the demographics, job roles, and possible problems your customers might face.

This workbook will help you position your business to meet your customers’ needs.

You need to think about customer personas in order to make your marketing more relevant.

This exercise is thought-provoking and can be used to stimulate your mind: Split a circle into 8 wedges using different criteria such as “Job Role” and “Pain points”.

Zest Digital starts clockwise at the top left corner (the job role), and then they work their way around adding notes about who’s being targeted, how it’s been done so far, and their motivations for buying products of yours.

You probably already know the importance of defining your ideal customer profile if you are reading this. Just in case, this exercise will help you determine who is most interested in the products and services your company offers.

Customer Profile Example

Here’s an example of a customer profile Zest Digital strives to serve. They are looking for entrepreneurs, CEOs, and Managing Directors who have the ability to make business decisions.

This allows them to narrow down their customer base further by defining demographics. In this example, they were between 35-44 and 45-54, with 60% of them being male.

These findings will help us optimize Zest Digital’s marketing to reach the right people. They are using them to help them focus on what they want and make their offering more appealing for those who really need it.

Next, you need to determine how you will attract the people you desire.

If their customers are mostly men over 35 who work in a local business, they may be able to read about us through local newspapers or review them online from happy clients.

Customers also get word-of mouth referrals from friends who have had positive experiences with their services or saw an ad for them online. This could be a great way to increase your chances of getting referred.

Businesses need to be able to comprehend the different communication channels so that they can concentrate on the areas with the greatest impact.

Once you have identified your ideal customer, it is time to think about how they will find your business. To ensure that they are satisfied, the experience should be customized for them.

Marketers can use customer profiling in combination with other tools such as sales journey mapping to create powerful marketing strategies. As they discussed, the goal of customer profiling is to identify your ideal customers so they feel connected to your company from the beginning.

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