How To Make Money With Internet Marketing

The internet is vast, and more than ever before, there are people looking to learn how to make money with internet marketing. There are probably over a billion people online at every minute of every day. Most people are online for entertainment or work. However, in an ever changing economy and in an era where there are more companies downsizing than growing (at least in North America) more d people are looking to learn how to make money with internet marketing than ever before.

How to Make Money with Internet Marketing

So do you want to know how to make money with Internet Marketing? Are you looking to get involved in marketing through the internet?

There are many ways, and they come in a number of forms. A few notable ways how to make money with internet marketing are:

  • Affiliate Marketing – representing other people’s / company’s products on your website
  • Blog Posting and Google Advertisements (Adsense) on your Blogs
  • Offering online services to local businesses
  • Search engine Optimization Services
  • Product Creation and Development
  • Offering services to Fellow Internet Marketers

Each has its own pluses and minuses, and regardless of what anyone tells you, or the cheesy picture up above, you usually can’t just put up a website and watch money. Over the last 18 months I’ve explored all of these and have done most of them to varying degrees.

How to Make Money with Internet Marketing

Google Adsense

The easiest one to get started with is Blog Posting and Adsense. In this business (and it’s best you consider all of this a business), you create a blog, write posts and pages on the blog, and put Google Adsense Advertisements on your blog.  You’ve seen these ads on many sites, they usually are a series of text based ads on the top of the page or down the left side. You basically register for a Google Adsense account, set up the ads on the Google Adsense website, and then copy some code from that site into the appropriate sections of your blog. Google takes care of placing relevant ads on your site, at least somewhat relevant to the content on your website. If a reader of your blog clicks on a site – voila! you just made some commission, whether they buy the product in the ad or not. This is called the Pay per Click model (PPC) and the commissions rates can be as little as a few cents per click to in the neighbourhood of twenty dollars. The drawbacks can be you may need to create a lot of posts, you need to get people to find your website through various means (a future topic) and sometimes the commission rates are very low. The pluses are, once a site is set up, this is a mainly passive form of income generation. You don’t have sales to deal with or customers to keep happy.

How to Make Money with Internet Marketing  Affiliate Marketing

Another way how to make money with internet marketing is Affiliate Marketing. In affiliate marketing, you promote products created by other people and other companies. If someone comes to your site, and buys a product you represent, you get paid a commission. Depending upon the product, these commissions can range from about 5% up to a full 100% commission. The pluses with affiliate marketing are similar to those in Adsense. Once you’ve selected a product to promote, you apply to represent  you are given an “affiliate link” that tracks back to you, you include that link on your blog when writing about the product or service, and you get commission if someone buys it.

What I like about Affiliate marketing is:

  • similar to AdSense, this is very passive, once you’ve written your posts and got traffic to your website.
  • the commission rates are very high compared with the fees you get from Google
  • you do not have to create or ship the product you represent.
  • usually customer support is handled by the vendor, not the affiliate.

As this post is getting kind of long, I’ll cover the remaining methods of how to make money with internet marketing is a subsequent post.

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