Internet Marketing Productivity

If internet marketing is so easy, why do so many people struggle with it? In some cases it’s a lack of internet marketing productivity, and in many cases I feel they’ve been duped. I’m starting to think after working in the internet marketing industry for about 18 months I finally have figured it out. First off, I hate to say it, but I think it’s not quite as easy as some of the gurus would like us all to believe. A lot of people portray it do be simple because they have something they want to sell you. It could be a course or an eBook a plugin for could be anything. And they want you to believe that if you buy it, the dollars will simply roll in the door. Well, anyone who has been doing this for a while figured out pretty quickly, that there’s marketing and there’s reality. Many of these courses and tools will help you in your internet marketing endeavours, but none actually do the job for you, regardless of what some of the spinmasters say.

Internet Marketing Productivity

There are lots of great courses and internet marketing productivity aids, but the one click wonders we see advertised are really a bunch of BS sold by some (in some cases) fairly slimy operators. But internet marketing productivity tools certainly have their place, whether its to help with social media, link building, traffic creation, all those things, some tools and plugins can help quite a bit and save you tons of time. But internet marketing productivity can really be attained. First, I’d suggest taking a step back from what you are doing, and truly explore what your online marketing goals are. Make sure at the highest level you don’t have too many projects at the same time, which can really sabotage your efforts. Unless you have an outsourcing team (which is a good idea btw) I’d suggest you limit your internet marketing projects to two at one time.

This is a lesson I’ve learned the hard way. If you are brand new to internet marketing, I suggest you keep it to one. Period. Full stop. You really won’t get any traction at all if you have 20 projects on the go at one time. 20 projects at a 5% completion rate does not equal 1 project at 100%. Why?  Cashflow and Focus! 20 projects at 5% completion in most cases earn you absolutely nothing. Whereas one that is 100% complete may have massive earning potential. It’s as simple as that. Also, it’s really quite challenging for most people to juggle too many balls at the same time anyway. So, if you are brand now to internet marketing, my suggestion is initially take some time and truly figure out the area you want to get into, and then go full-bore on it.

  • Create the site
  • Create the content
  • Create the Squeeze pages and opt-in forms, depending on the type of site,
  • Monetize it in whatever way you have planned.
  • Optimize the site, build some quality back-links
  • And promote the hell out of the site in whichever ways you can

Use some quality tools to help with your productivity, and if you are new to internet marketing, take a course from a good mentor, so you can benefit from their years of knowledge. You can really gain internet marketing productivity by learning from people that have been there before. There are some great sites and mentors out there.

Note the keyword -internet marketing business. This is about business!

On the topic of business, internet marketing is a massive business, and a real business. So you have to treat it like a business, and must invest in your internet marketing business, in terms of training, time, effort, and sometimes money. Come into it with your eyes open.

Internet Marketing Productivity – Focus and Action

Another important way to attain internet marketing productivity is through Focus and Action. Really prioritize what you are doing, don’t take on too much at once, and then take crisp concise action on one task at a time. Close down those extra browser windows, declutter your desktop, and set some time deadlines for each task. One of my own personal mentors has a great course on this. I’ve taken it, I rate it absolute 5 stars. I actually think if there was such a thing as an internet marketing prerequisite course, this should be it. Shane Melaugh covers it all quite nicely in this Focus and Action video. Check it out. I highly recommend it.

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