Internet Marketing Scams

So many Internet marketing scams and so little time and space to list them all here. With all of the Internet marketing scams that are a plague on the net it is almost impossible to weed through them all and determine which are legitimate, and which are complete scams. It’s very annoying actually. Here are the most common Internet marketing scams that I have been spammed with.

Order now or lose out forever

I love this one. You are told that if you don’t buy the piece of garbage that is being offered by a certain date you will lose out forever. They will say something like, if you don’t buy this by 12:00 midnight on that day you will not be able to get this product ever. How unlucky that would be. When you go back to the website the next day the date will have changed to that days date. You could go back 6 months later and find that date there. As long as these morons are making money, the timestamp on the offer will be for as long as it is making money. I hate this type of Internet marketing scam. This Internet marketing scam is an offshoot of the first two Internet marketing scams. Notice the trend? All of these scumbags seem to think alike. Here you will be told that if you don’t buy right away that the price of the newest piece of crap that they are selling will at least double in price if not more. The gurus love to use this one. How nice of them to give me the opportunity to get this at half price.

Again, the price almost never goes up. If it does it’s to somehow legitimize the piece of garbage that they are trying to sell you. Another one of those Internet marketing scams that makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up is the one that tells you that anyone can do this and that almost no work on your part is required. Just put it on autopilot and you’ll be rich in no time. Yep, that’s been my experience with these products. NOT! I’m a millionaire and if you follow my proven system step by step, you’ll be one too. This is one of those Internet marketing scams that I can’t help but chuckle when I read it. Most of these guys don’t have two nickels to rub together yet they are going to make you rich just like them. The worst thing about this Internet marketing scam is you usually get a story of their humble beginning and how their system pulled them out of the gutter. This Internet marketing scam is too pathetic to even comment on.

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