Internet Marketing Success – 5 Fundamentals

Has Internet Marketing Success been eluding you? Are you still struggling to make an income online after months of work? Or are you just getting started and looking for the secrets of internet marketing success. Either way, thanks for stopping by and I hope I can help. I’ve been actively involved in business for over 25 years and directly in internet marketing activity for about 2 years. I’ve been making a full time income in my endeavours for about 8 months. I consider thisa great internet marketing success, because I’ve chucked the old day job, and work purely on internet marketing activities.

Internet Marketing Success

Over this period of time, I’ve fortunately been able to figure out a few things that I think will help a few of you folks that are new or just considering internet marketing. This can make internet marketing success much quicker and more of a reality. I’ll be getting into these in a great deal of detail in subsequent posts, but I’ll take a few moments here to share my thoughts. Permit me to make a few suggestions.

5 Fundamentals for Internet Marketing Success

Internet Marketing Success – Step 1: Find a Mentor

1) Find a great Internet Marketing Success mentor. Internet marketing is a profession, and you need to get some basic training. Without it, frankly you are doomed! Your going to need an understanding of website creation, search engine optimization, keyword research, backlink building, writing good copy, article marketing, possibly outsourcing, to name a few of the tasks involved. Rather than suffer all of the slings and arrows of doing this from scratch, why not invest in some training to fast track and give you a much better opportunity for success. There have been people in this industry for along time, and some are truly willing to share what they’ve learned. They’ve actually made it part of their business, and that’s fine! They know what their doing, and they can show you the ropes. In some upcoming reports I’ll be giving an honest review about 3-4 Internet Marketing mentors and Training Programs that I’ve personally had experience with. A few were excellent, another one very good, and one I’d personally avoid all together. Even though today I won’t get into this section in detail, I will recommend 2 different high Quality mentors. Sean Donahoe, and Chris Farrell. I’ve been in Chris’ programs in the past and “graduated” about 6 months ago.

Since then, I’ve actively been a member of Sean Donahoe’s Insider’s Group, and just love it. Sean is an absolute master at marketing, training and SEO. He’s an admitted techie geek, and yet he still goes well beyond his techie traits with a mind that simply is teeming with business ideas, marketing ideas as well as SEO tools, tricks and techniques. He’s my own Internet Marketing Success Mentor. Sean’s has launched a number of great program’s over the years, including, Extreme Niche Empires, which is a wonderful entree to anyone new to internet marketing, list a few other program. Sean is about to launch a new program called Commission Commando which I’ve been fortunate to review in advance. It’s an amazing program that put a number of Internet Marketing tasks on autopilot for you as it builds out your website. It will be a fantastic time-saver for everyone, and especially helpful for newcomers to internet Marketing. I though Extreme Niche Empires was powerful, but Commission Commando truly takes the concept way beyond that. Earlier I mentioned Chris Farrell. Chris has website training organization that is rated highly.

Membership to his training is very inexpensive, and in it you’ll get literally hundreds of training videos online that will take you through every element of internet marketing. You can see more at Chris Farrell As well, recently has up his stakes considerably! He’s come out with the higher end Chris Mentor Me Program. Over a period of months Chris will take all of his Chris Mentor Me members through the steps to rapidly build a business that is GUARANTEED to MAKE MONEY in 6 weeks or double your money back! That’s pretty much unheard of in this business, and the comfort that you WILL SUCCEED or you get double your money back is surely valuable for many, and shows the confidence Chris has in his ability to move you to success quickly. His program isn’t cheap, but making money in 6 weeks is truly amazing, it’s a real investment in internet marketing success, and an investment that is surely worthwhile for anyone dedicated to doing this, and guaranteeing their own internet marketing success. He really has put his money where his mouth is on this one. Congratulations Chris!

Internet Marketing Success Step 2: – A few Tools

Every job in the world uses tools of some kind and internet marketing is no exeception. On this site I’m be reviewing tools in detail, but here let me keep this at a fairy high level. If you’re involved in internet marketing you’ll need at minimum a website name (domain name to be accurate) and a hosting account. I use NameCheap as my source to by domain names. Inexpensive, and also free privacy, which you may want on some of your sites. I use BlueHost and Hostgator for Hosting. They are the cream of the crop, very inexpensive, and their support is second to none. Either one will be fine. If I had to pick from the two, I think I like BlueHost the best. Next, how will you develop your website. You can buy templates of fully developed sites, based on html, or you can do what I prefer, and the industry in general has been doing lately, and use WordPress. WordPress is free and very easy to use. It’s also highly flexible. There are hundreds of free or professional THEMES available for wordpress, that give your site it’s look and feel. There are also hundreds of free and professional Plugins avaialble that enhance the WordPress functionality. I’m using the Flex Squeeze Theme on this site, but I’ve also used Optimize Press, Heatmap Pro, and themes from Woo Themes and Theme Forest. There’s lots to choose from, and they’re great If you’ve never done web development, I suggest a WordPress Course to get you started.

 Internet Marketing Success – Step 3: Develop A Plan

Once you’ve decided that you want to get involved in internet marketing, it’s time to map out a bit of a plan. You can’t really get anywhere without some type of plan, so I suggest creating one that includes your goals, objectives, the activities you are going to take on, as well as a timeline. Early one, you may not have the knowledge to do this in detail, so keep it at a high level. Once done, I recommend you have a look at it each week, and refine it and adjust it, as your future unfolds.

 Internet Marketing Success – Step 4: Maintain your Focus

Probably one of the more challenging things for internet marketers to do, is to keep focused on their business. Why is this? We’ll once you really get involved in internet marketing you’ll quickly find out how big an industry it really is. And there are literally thousands of people and products out there that will promise you the moon. This is where some of the thrashing can happen that that we discussed early on. You really have to watch yourself here because each new tool or program can seem like you’re magic goldmine for a while. All I can do here is stress, that magic gold mines don’t really exist. You will make your own success, you won’t buy it with some magic tool.

 Internet Marketing Success – Step 5: Action and Determination

The old phrase nothing ventured nothing gained is never more appropriate than it is in internet marketing. If you don’t get started, nothing will ever happen. Don’t worry about creating the perfect website, just get started! Start off with a blog that talks about your experience. Eventually started tailoring your site or building an additional site perhaps promoting a product that will reward you with affiliate commissions.

Internet Marketing Success – Final Point:  Avoid Thrashing

I don’t know if I’ve ever seen the word “thrashing” in conjunction with internet marketing, but to me, it just seems right. And it you do it, you absolutely cannot attain internet marketing success. Let me explain. Thrashing is defined in a few ways, including “an unsuccessful ending to a struggle or contest”, “the act of inflicting corporal punishment with repeated blows”, and in computer science , thrashing is a situation where large amounts of computer resources are used to do a minimal amount of work, with the system in a continual state of resource contention. So even though what I’m about to call “thrashing” isn’t any of these in the purest sense, they all seem highly appropriate to what I’m about to describe. In regards to internet marketing, I think thrashing is the act of continually grasping out to a new tool, idea or service, and hoping it will throw you a bone or a lifeline to help you make some money. It’s also the act of starting all types of websites and services and never completing them, or getting them to the point where they are making money or are self sustaining. It’s just kind of going along day by day trying for some unattainable gold, without ever really sitting down and working at it properly. That’s the idea I have in mind for thrashing, and the more I speak and meet internet marketers, the more I think it’s a serious problem in the industry. My sense is the average internet marketer has purchased about $400 worth of tools, 20 or more domains, and has spent hundreds, if not thousands of hours working on them and getting them to some stage of partial completion. Yet, only about 3-5% of internet marketers actual make money, and the rest either continue to flounder or give up all together. I hear it time and time again.

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