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This is a copy of a post that I made on a forum recently. The question was, why my ranking with the search engines is dropping. This person has been recently getting inbound links to his website. Below is my response. I thought that I would share this with everyone here in case you are experiencing the same problem.

Response to Search Engine Ranks

My website is a year and a half old. I have ranked on Google for keywords that went from 1 to dropping off the index. What I have noticed with Google is it doesn’t like drastic changes, especially on page changes. My website is a blog and I try to post regularly to keep my regular visitors coming back. Last summer I was going on vacation and didn’t want to have to post while on vacation. I stupidly posted 14 days worth of posts all on the same day. I should have time stamped them to go live one day at a time. When I got home from vacation 80% of my indexed pages were de-indexed from Google. In my opinion that drastic change, (posting 14 articles in the same day) was the main contributor of the 80% of my posts falling out of Google’s index.In my opinion you should never screw around with on page optimization (especially the title) if your page once listed well.

If it was listed well at one point there is no reason to believe that there is something wrong with your on page optimization. From my own experiences re-optimizing your web pages generally does more harm than good. The biggest thing that I have found in the 18 months with this particular website is that the search engines do not like drastic changes. With all of the black hat seo tactics that many webmasters use, search engines are very leery when something has drastically changed. I’m willing to bet that you were doing little if any linking until now. While your linking activity is relatively slow it is probably more activity than what your website has shown in the past. Bottom line in my opinion is that consistency is what the search engines want. Sudden change raises a red flag to the search engines that something may be up. I could be totally wrong here but with my past experiences and there have been more than mentioned here, I don’t think that I am. I have found that doing nothing is the best thing to do when a keyword suddenly drops because the reason for it is probably because of what you have already done and not what you neglected to do before the drop.

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