The Top 6 Key Benefits Of Article Marketing

If you are into Internet Marketing business, you will always be keeping a lookout for ways and means to generate traffic to your web site, because traffic is the blood. Just by google, you will find yourself overwhelmed with tons of marketing methods but one of the most effective one is to write and submit articles to different directories.

So what exactly is Article Marketing?

It simply means the system of writing articles and publishing them online to article directories. There are tons of directories out there so one tip is to choose those with high Google Page Rank and Alexa ranking. Here are the top 8 Key benefits of article marketing.

1. Traffic Generation by Leveraging on Article Directories

Submitting your articles to article directories can help in bringing hundreds and thousands of visitors to your web site in a short period of time. In article directories, you are entitled to a bio or resource box that allows you to include a link to your website. If you can include a attractive teaser or bait at the end of your article, there might be a chance of your reader to click and directed to your website to learn more about your offer. For example, if you manage to publish your article and accepted by a large ezine with tons of subscribers and members, you will definitely experience an increase in the traffic to your site. But most importantly is that you must have engaging and unique article to keep them coming back for more.

2. Improving SEO with back links

The more directories that publish your article or people that re-publish them, you will have more links pointing back to your website. Quality back links is also one of the critical factors that is used by search engines to determine your ranking.

3. Be a Authority expert of Subject

The moment you share your knowledge or experience with people out there, you are already establishing yourself as an expert of the topic or in the niche,  so the more valuable and quality information you can supply, it gain you more credibility.

4. Improve your Writing Skill

You can hone your writing skill by writing more articles and by doing it, you should become better at them. Article Marketing is a skill that you keep on improving, and so is article writing.

5. Free Advertising

You can also get free advertising for your website through article marketing. Submitting your articles to the directories offer a chance to advertise your website without even have to pay a cent. You should bear in mind to write engaging and informative content in order to entice the visitors to return to your site again.

6. Article Submission Cost You Nothing

The best thing is that almost all the article directories available in the web are free, except for some that you will need to pay in order to use certain features. Article marketing is definitely  the way to go for driving your traffic especially when it comes to online marketing. Once you get custom to this method, the tip is to submit more quality articles to the list of Article Directories until you see or achieve the  results that you desire.

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