The Top Content Marketing KPIs

The top content marketing KPIs that you must monitor change as technology changes the digital landscape. Monitoring key performance indicators in 2020 will be more difficult if you consider the purpose of each piece, as SEO consultant Benj Arriola explains.

Profitability is, naturally, a constant. However, look deeper into the numbers. You will discover that your focus needs to be narrowed depending on the story you want the metrics to tell, especially in these days of account-based marketing and personalization.

Understanding which metrics are most important to your business will help plan your content calendar and what content you should include. These are the top KPIs for content marketing in 2020, organized by business type.

Top Content Marketing KPIs for B2B Businesses: Leads

Businesses are different from consumers who buy on impulse. Companies demand product demonstrations and meetings to show how your product or services will benefit them. It would be best to keep an eye on the most critical metric when trying to attract another company’s business through content marketing.

Why Leads Matter

It is a waste to cold-call a business that isn’t interested. It would help if you had their contact information and interest.

It is the best way to find their interest in your content pieces. They are qualified prospects if they are interested enough to send their email address and name.

Targeted Thought Leadership Content – Get B2B Leads

The C-suite gives their business to the company that wows them by creating content that improves their effectiveness. A recent Edelman survey found that 58% of executives surveyed said they do business with companies whose contents impressed them.

Cross-selling is a significant factor that increases this number. Corporate decision-makers accounted for more than 60% of those who purchased new products or services from companies they had done business with before. This is mainly due to a thought-provoking article that showed the company’s expertise.

A well-written thought leadership piece can help your company be a leader in the field and provide a direct benefit for the reader. You might write about the essential ingredients of a successful web developer. Compare the benefits of different types of commercial decking if you are selling it.

Leadership content isn’t about bragging about your credentials. You have to use those credentials to create content that helps customers become more efficient and makes them more money.

Get Deeper into Content to Increase Revenue and Cut Costs

Your company will lose money for every lead generated by your content. It is essential to determine the costs of your charges, and how much revenue they generate, from the money spent to publish and produce the content to the time it takes to promote the content.

These B2B KPIs will help you decide which content types produce leads with a high revenue-to-cost ratio.

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