The Ultimate Guide to Content Marketing Strategies That Deliver ROI

When you take away the layers of trends and techniques that surround content marketing, it can be a business opportunity. It’s a tool that businesses can use to grow.

Content marketing delivers ROI that you can measure. That’s why content marketing is so important.

Content marketing is a different type of marketing than other forms. It’s completely sustainable. It pays for itself. It also funds itself. It generates revenue for the bottom line. It provides a return on investment for the business.

A content marketing strategy that works can lead to exponential growth increased brand awareness, trust, convincing leads, and winning prospects. It also helps you build loyal customers and brand advocates.

It provides your company with a platform to activate employees, publish thought leaders, and tell more human brand stories to attract better talent and motivate your employees.

You can see the positive snowball effect when you have your content marketing strategy in place. Your brand’s presence grows and becomes more powerful. Because you have a solid foundation, it is easier to reach your marketing goals using future content.

This contrasts with traditional marketing. Advertising can cause overexposure, even with modern, sophisticated digital advertisements. Overexposure can lead customers to become accustomed to brand promotions that offer no real value.

As I stated a few years back, content is “the vehicle which can deliver us from throes o the ‘death of SPAM’ illness that persists within many marketing organizations.”

This is the answer to traditional marketing’s diminishing impact. You have much to gain by taking advantage of this business opportunity.

Good content marketing is a business advantage.

What does a company gain by embracing content marketing?

Website traffic increase. Content marketers see 8x higher year-over-year growth in unique site visitors.

More leads. Content Marketing generates three times more leads than paid search for every dollar.

Thought leadership. Brands that offer helpful, relevant content are seen as thought leaders in their field. This helps build trust and authority.

Higher conversions. Companies that use content marketing have six times more conversion rates.

Less expensive budget. DemandMetric says it costs 62% more to launch or maintain a content marketing program than any other type.

Get more attention to your brand. People use internet content consumption.

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