Tips to Improve the Quality of Your PPC Campaigns

Google is today’s most used search engine. It is a tough competition and well worth the money. The ultimate goal of a PPC Agency is to ensure that their clients’ campaigns appear at the top of Google’s result pages.

SEO is a great way to secure your spot on the first page of results organically, but you can’t reach the top spot without PPC-sponsored ads.

Google wants to ensure it directs users to the most relevant and informative page for their query. They rely on the quality score to do this.

Your quality score measures how high you rank on Google and how relevant your landing pages and ads are to the user. The quality score is a key factor in the frequency your ads appear to an in-market user who searches for the query you are targeting. When optimizing paid campaigns, it should be a top priority.

1. Relevance

A high-quality score is ultimately down to relevancy. Your campaign’s relevancy, keywords and landing pages are all relevant to the user’s search terms.

Make sure the keywords you bid on are highly relevant to your campaign. From there, make sure that your ad copy is relevant to the keywords.

2. Keywords

Although it may seem obvious to focus on relevancy, you need to plan and include keywords consistently and effectively throughout your ads and landing pages.

Google can use a simple change in the title of a landing page to help it understand better the keywords the user searched.

3. Negative Keywords

Not only should you be focusing on keywords but also building, updating, and monitoring negative keyword lists in your campaign will significantly lower the cost and increase your overall quality score.

Negative keywords can be used to ensure that your ads are not seen by people outside your target market. This will increase your overall click through rate because users who see your ads are likely to be interested. The expected Click-Through Ratio is also an important factor. It is important to ensure that your ads only show for the most relevant keywords.

4. Copywriting is a good idea

Although it may seem simple, original, persuasive, and relevant ad copy will help you grab your audience’s attention. You may be the best. Your copy must still be compelling enough to get people to click.

This is the key to a great headline. You need to create a headline that is clickbait-y but still relevant to your keyword or landing page. Highlight any pain points and benefits that you offer that will convince the user that your company is more effective and will solve their problems better than others.

Your customers want to be able to resolve any pain points they have, but with the highest quality and best price.

5. Get involved

To secure a visitor’s trust, a solid call-to-action is essential. Clear instructions and a call to action are key factors in improving your quality score. High-quality ads will score high if they are informative, useful, and provide a great user experience.

Clear calls to action should look something like “click here”, “download now”, or “contact us today”. It should be prominent on the page and direct users towards the next step.

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