What is the link between SEO and PR? How can you leverage it?

PR was only sometimes a match for SEO regarding dynamic duos. While SEO teams were often considered technical wizards behind the scenes, helping brands climb the Google rankings ladder, PR teams were doing actual marketing.

It’s not that easy, especially when brands aren’t able to use keywords and mass-produce press releases. Marketing is complex and digital. Brands must be creative, authentic, and consistent in their content and how they use it to achieve results.

Quick Take-Aways

Combining SEO and PR can make a significant impact.

SEO and PR teams can benefit from each other’s strengths and learn from one another.

A well-integrated SEO and PR strategy can increase organic traffic, which is a real benefit to the company.

Collaboration is key to leveraging SEO/PR effectively.

Why companies need SEO and PR

Let’s start by briefly describing what PR and SEO can do for brands in marketing.

Public relations teams are strategic communicators who manage brand reputation by creating media content (both traditional and digital) and building relationships within their industry. PR teams are responsible for securing media coverage, pitching stories, sending press releases, managing ad campaigns, and promoting news and events.

SEO teams optimize a brand’s online visibility by optimizing digital content to drive traffic to their site and generate leads and converts. SEO teams perform keyword research and optimization of old and new content to drive traffic and analysis.

PR and SEO both target the same goals but from different angles. There is much debate about which one is more important. The PR people will say that they amplify a brand by using media mentions that influence brand sentiment. SEO experts will say that you cannot get your brand to the right audience in the digital world without correct placement and high search ranking.

What is your opinion? Everybody’s right. SEO and PR do not have to be mutually exclusive.

Combining the strengths of the two is crucial to building trust. This is the most critical factor in determining if a potential customer will buy from you after interacting with your content.

What does this mean? SEO teams can create website content with all the SEO bells & whistles for the only purpose of achieving a high Google ranking. It’s not easy, but it does happen.

If a customer visits your website and only sees the content, they will quickly realize that they are looking at keywords.

Let’s look at the opposite. A PR team created a feature story that included a compelling brand message. However, it needs to be optimized and appear on page three of Google’s search results pages. Your target audience will only see the story if it is compelling. (When was the last time you visited page one of Google? Even if they see it, they will be skeptical due to its low ranking.

The best companies that do SEO and PR are those that work together. They use PR teams to create content and allow the SEO experts to optimize it for visibility to the right audiences.

SEMrush hosts a webinar that provides a deeper dive into how SEO and PR integration are helping companies achieve their goals.

The PR and SEO Relationship

In the 2000s, you could put a lot of keywords in your content and expect to get results. A time in the pre-internet stone age was when brands could put a message into an advertisement, and people would believe it.

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